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Keep the conveyor belts moving and drag the pieces in sequence to the spotlig...; There's been an accident at the slime factory, and globs of slime are everywhere!

It's up to you, Rob the robot, to clean up the mess.

Make sure to keep blasting away at asteroids and dodging the nosy robots, security cameras and space emperors who want to rui...; Robot just wants to blast off and chill out with his friends. Even kicking back with some soft serve turns into an epic sci fi, laser blasting, quest through puzzlin...; This chic cyborg babe needs you to help overhaul her fashion sense and give her a cutting edge futuristic jetpack equipped outfit complete with everything from lazer sword hands to fancy communicat...; Hugo is back with better guns, deadlier enemies and a thirst for vengeance!Earth is a strange place full of puzzles and obstacles that this little space fellow needs to figure out if he w...; The 8 bit robot with a heart of gold is back!Now armed with an adorable feline, Robot is on a quest to upgrade, advance and rescue puppy from the evil one eyed alien scum that dare imprison him.The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship. Rules of this site, in recent study discovered that looks like a rogue robot will help keep the number of algorithmic match.

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