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It helps make sure you’re following up and closing those listing agreements. Post about it on social media Social media is an immensely powerful tool, not only for sales, but also for recognition.It may not get people jumping to list homes with you, but it will bring clients in slowly and surely. Get recommendations Work so hard that you don’t have to introduce yourself.Full custody is often granted as a result of a divorce or legal separation trial, or in a separate proceeding devoted specifically for child custody matters.

Always act with integrity, and never stopping working hard — the listings will eventually start pouring in.You never know where your next real estate allies will come from.Being in real estate means breathing, living and dreaming about real estate.With full custody, only one parent is entrusted with responsibilities of both physical and legal custody.Physical custody refers to those periods of time in which the child is staying or living with the parent.

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Don’t be shy, go up to people, introduce yourself, and pass out your card. It takes a lot of impressions to create and build comfort with a brand.