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Posted by / 23-Apr-2020 21:50

Thinking of questions to ask becomes harder when a cute girl is sitting across from you. Or has she ever been apart of a group of people doing something positive in her community?

But it doesn’t have to be as long as you have some questions to ask on a first date memorized.

Asking your date what makes their job great gets you more interesting answers and gives them a chance to open up – a brilliant way to bond.

When you and your date share stories that don’t often get told it can create a feeling of intimacy.

This one is a bit of a sneaky way to find out someone’s life story without seeming like you’re grilling them.

Not only that, you get to find out if you share a passion for travel or if you both prefer the comforts of home.

As Dale Carnegie says in How to Win Friends and Influence People: “To be interesting, be interested.” Enough to break the ice!

You get the same chance to build a rapport by sharing intimacies, with the added bonus of building friendship through encouragement.

As with the first date questions above, this works for building a connection as it requires your date to tell you a story.

Remember, this time is all about establishing a friendly connection; you want to see if your lifestyles could work together, but don’t want it to feel like an interrogation! And why should you offer to pay (or at least go halves)?

Well, not only does it make your date feel special, it also shows kindness and dependability: two of the top ten most attractive traits for both men and women.

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OK, this is a bit of a silly one but sometimes silly can be good.