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Person must perceive the stimulus as a threat to their relationship Biology of Passionate Love Theory Passionate Love: A state of intense longing union with the other person and of physiological arousal. People experiencing passionate love tend of overestimate the strength and how long their relationship will last.

Passionate “illusions” about their relationship will make it appear more ideal.

Accentuate the positive: Express things that make you happy, tell your partner when they do things to make your happy.

5:1 Magic Ratio of positive to negative verbal/ non-verbal behaviour. Set of rules designed to make argument constructive rather than destructive. Gender differences in communication are relatively small and both parties regardless of gender should be able to communicate their feelings/ problems.

Both men and women were more likely to engage in the use of non-verbal sexual cues.

But then one cold night in November, I met a Match date in a bar in Greenwich Village.

It is important to operational define all of these terms and their testability.

Love and Adrenaline Two-component Theory of love: two conditions must exist simultaneously for passionate love to occur; physiological arousal and attaching a cognitive label of love.

Best way to communicate is via “I language”; help to facilitate resolution “I feel…., I don’t like..” stop your partner from becoming defensive.

Minding Reading: making assumption about what your partner is thinking or feels.

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Misattribution of arousal: misattribute their arousal- exercise/ fear of bridge; to their liking of attractive women.

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