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Pre op ts dating

Maybe that's why I go for unavailable guys because?

Yes to a lot of men, they want you for the sexual novelty but the same amount or maybe more wants you for being unique and interesting something that a marriage or LTR would need to survive.

Surgery may well be something that changes you so fundamentally that your confidence etc is what then attracts the right sort of guy. I Feel like getting something done as serious as SRS for the same of other people when you are not 100% sure about it is certainly a wrong decision.

I'm currently preop/non op, but I acknowledge the fact that maybe one day I might reconsider getting SRS because I want it for myself and not because my dating life is failing or whatever it is that is influenced by other people.

I've always been really indifferent about SRS, but if I fell in love with a guy and I knew I wanted to spend my life with him and I knew he also would prefer me to have SRS I think I'd do it. Okay, so most of this is coming from my non-op girlfriend and her secondhand knowledge from a post-op friend of hers. : P) She describes the process of finding a good cis guy who wasn't just into her because she has a functional penis and enjoys using it "like snorkeling through diarrhea to find fool's gold".

It was terrible, and that diarrhea was filled with chasers.

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I don't want to tell people I have a penis anymore, I just feel like it's such a let down.

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