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Potassium reacts violently with just water while argon is very inert and stable, which is why it remains in the atmosphere as a monatomic element.

By measuring the ratio of the two present in a rock, we can work out how long it is since the rock was formed from magma.

In some cases, elements were placed on the table based on their similarities in properties rather than their atomic masses and this is the case with argon and potassium.

Yes you are correct, potassium being an alkali metal is definitely more reactive than argon which is a noble gas (group 18 element).

where t is the elapsed time, t1/2 is the half life of the decay, Kf is the amount of potassium -40 left in the sample, and Arf is the amount of argon-40 present. An argon atom has one less proton than a potassium atom.

Potassium and argon have several isotopes (atoms that have different numbers of neutrons).

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Nearly all argon atoms are the isotope with 22 neutrons.