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However, pottery-making did not persist in most of Polynesia, mainly due to the lack of suitable clay on small islands.that these decorations may have been transferred to or from less hardy media such as tapa (bark cloth), mats, or tattoos.'Classic' Lapita pottery was produced between 1350 and 750 BCE in the Bismarck Archipelago.A late variety might have been produced there up to 250 BCE.This vibrant exhibit will provide insight on the lives of the women who created the textiles and is a unique opportunity to learn about an important cultural tradition. Thursday, April 4, and the exhibit will run through Monday, April 22.

The Lapita were expert seafarers and navigators, reaching out and finding islands separated from each other by hundreds of kilometres of empty ocean.

Undecorated "plain-ware" pottery is an important part of the Lapita cultural complex, which also includes ground-stone adzes and shell artifacts, and flaked-stone tools of obsidian, chert, and other available rock, as well as the remainders of beakers, cooking pots, and bowls.

Domesticates consisted of pigs, dogs, and chickens.

In Dowell’s class, students learn about the history, practice and implications of displaying objects in museums and galleries.

This hands-on opportunity gives students the chance to curate, design and mount pieces in an art show.

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The barkcloths also play an integral role in the daily lives of the Polynesian people as they are transformed into cloths, grass skirts, mats and more.