Piano dating

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Piano dating

The serial number is often hidden and stamped on the other side, facing the keys).On the front of the [b] action frame (after the keyslip is removed), or stamped on [c] of the cheek blocks, viewed to the right and left of the piano's keyboard.The Pierce Piano Atlas, 12th Edition now in hardcover format, provides a wealth of information about the piano manufacturing industry.Over 12,000 piano names are included, some dating back to the early eighteen hundreds.This guide provides references to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of many manufacturers and other pertinent information.

The serial number may be to the right or the left, or in the middle.

2) Under the opened lid on the ledge, stamped on a little plaque, to the right or to the left.

3) Stamped on the back of the piano; near the top of the wood frame.

Here is a list of Baldwin piano serial numbers correlated with year.

It doesn’t extend past 1989, which started with serial number 1442402, but you can approximate the number of pianos built per year and date your piano to the early ’90s.

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However, you can contact Baldwin (a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation as of this writing) with your piano’s serial number and ask them for the exact year of construction.