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But a handful of Wi-Fi cams can perform facial recognition.

It’s the only widely-available Wi-Fi cam that we know of that has a voice assistant built in, but the good news is that you can buy a separate Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot for pretty cheap.

Of course, if this intercom isn’t a feature that you’ll use, there’s usually a setting that lets you turn off the microphone and speaker on the camera, but this usually will also prevent video recordings from capturing audio.

Most—if not all—Wi-Fi cameras can detect motion, and some take it a bit further to differentiate between people, pets, and other objects.

Not very many Wi-Fi cams offer this kind of technology, though, so your options are limited if you’re looking for a Wi-Fi cam that specifically comes with facial recognition.

The same goes for video doorbells (the Nest Hello offers it), and that’s one product that would benefit the most from facial recognition.

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