Pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men christian dating in halifax

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As I got older, this led to me going after guys who were not only emotionally and physically fleeting but were also emotionally disconnected, empathetically bankrupt, and narcissistic.I had become emotionally unavailable myself and I still battle my reverse narcissism to this day.A few months ago, I was talking to my friend, David Kessler.I was telling him that I couldn’t believe how a particular person in my life knew what buttons to push that would drive me over the edge.And it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they regress back to their younger, eager, validation-seeking selves when Dad sends them a simple text after skating in and out of their lives (either emotionally, physically or both) for years and years. If your Dad had a hard time expressing his emotions, accepting you or making you feel beautiful/cool/accepted/capable enough, he was most likely emotionally unavailable and unhappy with himself and his life at the time. There comes a point though when we need to realize that if a pattern exists, it’s not Dad or our boyfriend hurting us, it’s us to retraumatize ourselves because that’s all we know.No one had the perfect parent and no one will be the perfect parent. We don’t know what availability or connectivity looks/feels like and even though we may claim to want it more than anything, we’re much more comfortable in an environment of claiming to want it while being the victim of its absence.

You don’t have to have an abusive or absentee father to have daddy issues.

You’re never going to wish that you kept putting yourself in the emotional line of fire.

You’re never going to regret getting off the toxic relationship ferris wheel and you’re never going to regret of your dysfunction instead of keeping you immersed in the quicksand of your triggers.

This then sets her up with a lifetime, VIP pass for riding the toxic relationship ferris wheel.

It allows her to justify making excuses, ignoring red flags, and giving multiple chances to partners who did not deserve one.

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