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It's a wonderful feeling to be in love — especially after the heartache of divorce — but never forget that you're not 20 anymore. And you're already struggling with guilt for so many things. While your children will (and should) be your No.1 priority, it most certainly does mean sentencing yourself to a life of solitude.As parents our minds play an endless loop of to-do's.Moreover, it can create a deeper connection with that special person who you let inside your family circle to share your life and experiences with.With that in mind here are just a few key tips to help you along the way.I could have fixed you up with my brother/neighbor/co-worker." Don't assume that people know you're interested in meeting someone — tell them! For me, the idea of getting dressed up and going out for a nice dinner was just what I needed after my divorce. Honesty is truly the policy when it comes to sharing your parenting status.For others, laying low and regrouping may be right. If you lie at the beginning of the relationship, you'll have major trust and credibility issues when things get serious.

This is normal and means she is questioning, but not necessarily rejecting, what you embrace. Open your home and encourage your preteen to invite his or her friends over, so you know them and see how they interact. Clothing should be modest and should not have provocative messages written on it. Reserve the right to inspect your preteen’s backpack or room if he or she becomes secretive or begins to show other signs that concern you. This is particularly true for boys who may think they need to suppress it. For more on helping your preteen navigate relationships, check out these books: • “For Young Women Only” (Multnomah) by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa Rice • “How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk” (Scribner) by Adele Faber • “How to Talk so Teens will Listen and Listen so Teens will Talk” (William Morrow Paperbacks) by Adele Faber • “You and Your Adolescent, Revised Edition” (Simon and Schuster) by Lawrence Steinberg, Ph. • “Raising a Thinking Preteen: The ‘I Can Problem Solve’ Program for 8- to 12-Year-Olds” (Holt Paperbacks) by Myrna Shure and Roberta Israeloff • “Roller-coaster Years” (Harmony) by Charlene C.

Just like knowing when to start dating, you'll know when the timing's right to tell them more.

Your new love may be the world's greatest guy — but your kids may not be smitten (at first).

You can browse after the kids are asleep, and what better way to start your day than with a message from a potential date?

There are hundreds of sites devoted to connecting people with shared interests — from hiking to wine to bird-watching.

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Make sure these messages line up with your family’s values.

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