Outlook hangs on updating inbox

Posted by / 24-Jan-2020 09:47

Outlook hangs on updating inbox

Attach Control Container To Window(Single Control Container control Container) v e Way. Attach Bar Control(Control nested Control) v e Way.

Outlook Web App works fine while this problem is occuring.

Build Controls() Target Site: Void Attach Control Container To Window(e Way.

For permanent solution, please update your e Way-CRM to version or later.

It will stay this way indefinitely, with a notification that the folder was last updated the previous day or whenever the last time they had used Outlook was.

Turning off cached Exchange mode works, but the connection seems to be spotty as Outlook will freeze up after a while.

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The principle for fixing either hang-up is the same - get Outlook to stop trying to automatically Send/Receive, then go unstick the email. Usually this is because it is too big for your hosting company's mail server. If your Outlook is hung up because something is stuck in your inbox, you will need to close Outlook and go log into your email account online.

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