Oasis and dating

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Oasis and dating

But to me it is hard to say what this dating site is all about.

OK if this is the amount of effort they put into their photos and bio...Let me start by explaining all the negative reviews with two words: Wrong Expectations!..becasue Oasis is not a bad dating site so if you weren't lucky using it I think you need to clarify what you were expecting.Then you see a message saying "This account is under review." Scrap this BS website and try Slow because their server hangs/drop out every 15 minutes, so you have to reconnect and start all over again! Probably the servers reached its storage limit because there are many very old profiles sitting their, dead, never used.Many profiles are a waste, fake profiles and fake pictures - eg middle aged married women with kids, having supermodel photos, or a blonde beauty who lives in ghana, i don't think so! There are some genuine ones but, mostly unattractive and I wouldn't date them!

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