My soulmate is dating someone else

Posted by / 18-Nov-2019 04:09

My soulmate is dating someone else

I am guilty of this too, but all this Facebook, Bachelor loving stuff can take us so far away from reality that we can have unrealistic expectation of our own lives. Allow the ‘suspense’ of not knowing when or how it is going to happen to fuel your excitement, not anxiety.

The twin flame connection is not sex based or romantic love based for that matter, it is soul based and it’s meant to transform your life not just fulfill your romantic fantasies.

You are not alone, yet that doesn’t make it less difficult to go through. Please do not try to establish your Twin Flame connection through any form of divination, asking psychics to confirm your connection is like playing Russian Roulette – they will all have different answers.

Most of which you won’t like hearing or that will not serve you.

You can often find Ashley cuddling with her husband and their Shih-Tzu Holly as they dream of moving somewhere with an endless summer.

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And I know that it could totally *BOOM *and happen for you too. If you are someone who desires a relationship and to meet your soulmate, you will! But in the mean time give yourself a big hug, be unapologetically yourself, let go of the drama and GET EXCITED because it could just happen today.