Monotheistic religions predating judaism

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The Jewish calendar begins at the sixth day of creation, when Adam and Eve were created by God.

Interestingly, the year 2015 is actually AM 5775, AM being the abbreviation for Perhaps it is because of the few followers of this faith today, that the Jews give a lot of importance to their culture and customs, cherishing and preserving their heritage in all ways possible.

Another interesting thing about the Torah scroll is that it is always kept in an Ark, and no one is allowed to touch it.

Which is why, a special metallic pointer known as the , it is worn by Jewish men during prayers and other religious ceremonies.

Though there are many aspects to this faith, this Spiritual Ray article discusses some of the main Judaism symbols and their meanings, that play an important role in the life of each and every Jew.This is the reason why it is forbidden to take the tallit inside the bathroom because of its holy symbolism and the sacred writings inscribed on it.Yet another symbolic representation of remembering God and His commandments are the tefillin.Also, the Star of David has all the triangles intertwined, which represents that each and everything is inseparable and interrelated to each other.Alternately, there is also a speculation that the three sides of the star are symbolic of the three types of Jews that exist: A Menorah is not only the most important, but the oldest symbol in Judaism.

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This festival commemorates the miracle where, after the Seleucid desecration of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the Jews had sealed oil, which in quantity, was only enough to light the Menorah for one night, but miraculously, the light lasted for eight days.

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