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And I’m still working on this problem, since I believe that food, housing, and medical care are basic human rights for which you shouldn’t need a job, but I don’t like how guaranteed minimum income becomes an excuse for more exploitation of those at the bottom, and a new two-tiered society.Given what you’ve written recently, including the piece about Trump being the epitome of a “digital” candidate, do you have any particular hope for the way the internet develops, going forward?This is not a show to talk to authors on tour, but to authors not on tour, if you know what I mean.So nobody is pitching anything other than what they’re saying then and there.Eventually, though, Facebook will create such a walled garden that people will come to realize it is not the equivalent of the internet. And those of us who have remained on the open Internet will become really interesting to people again.So it’s really a matter of time, and of not feeling oh-so compelled to participate in the Borg for a sense of existence.It’s lovely that on Uber you don’t have to tip the driver. It’s lovely that on a smartphone you don’t have to see the two refrigerators worth of electricity every time you download things. The whole rest of the world is not there.” He continued: “And this great word—convenience!What does convenience really mean in a digital age? Ah, pretty colors, swipe, swipe, it’s all good,” he said, looking into his hands, mimicking browsing on a smartphone. Its really going to hit you like a ton of bricks eventually.

Over the better part of three decades he’s been pulling back the curtain on the economy, in a smorgasbord of media: not only in books and articles and radio but in documentaries, a format that doesn’t easily accommodate topics like branding or smartphone addiction or an economy built around capital growth and competition rather than sustainability and cooperation.So now, each show is basically a single theme, with a monologue by me and a conversation with a guest.It’s much more about the live engagement than whatever book or accomplishment the guest comes with.It just creates more cash for people to spend as consumers.It doesn’t give the workers any more ownership of the “means of production” than they had before.

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For people to have their hands back on the—it’s a terrible metaphor, I was going to say the steering wheel, the dashboard—back on the green engines of creation.” Instead, the economy became more corporatized, not more local; people became more remote from the economy and each other, not closer.

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