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Mirroring body language and dating

For example, I have a balcony in my apartment above a very busy street in Brooklyn.It’s a good spot for me to casually observe human behavior.When we meet others for the first time, we need to assess quickly whether they are positive or negative towards us, just as most other animals do for survival reasons.We do this by scanning the other person's body to see if they will move or gesture the same way we do in what is known as 'mirroring'.The whole point of mirroring is that it’s a way to better understand others and connect with them at a real level.Being able to mirror someone is the same kind of ability as being able to listen to someone (it’s a different kind of listening).They also tend to look at each other at the same time and look away at the same time. In many ways, mirroring can be seen as a form of perspective taking or empathy.Previous research in psychology shows us that our bodies reveal a lot about the way we are thinking and feeling (the term for this is “embodied cognition”).

They don’t even have to think about it, because they are used to interacting with people and building genuine connections; it’s what it takes to survive in the political world, where it’s important to understand people and win them over on a daily basis.A waiter or waitress who repeats back a customer’s order at a restaurant is more likely to remember it, then someone who just says, “Okay, got it!” When we mirror people’s words (whether vocally or even inside our heads), our minds are doing a quick mental check to see if what we heard makes sense and that we understand it.Here are some practical tips to get you started: Follow these basic principles, but don’t overwhelm yourself.Mirroring is an important tool in communication, but if you over-think it than it can backfire on you.

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At a very basic level, all mirroring functions as a way to better understand the people we are interacting with.

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