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Message chat with nude

Facebook Kids was supposed to be a beacon of safety for these families.

Meanwhile, the alternatives don’t seem much better.

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The Verge discovered that Facebook had made an embarrassing slip up.

The ICO is investigating video-sharing app Tik Tok for its use of children’s personal data and adherence to GDPR after it received a multimillion-dollar fine from the US Federal Trade Commission for violating child privacy.

Are you concerned about what your children are able to access on their smartphones?

Almost one in four (24%) of those in the younger age bracket said that they had experienced potential harm on Facebook, which was twice that of the second-most harmful platform, Facebook-owned Instagram. An even larger proportion of children, 38%, had experienced unwelcome friends or followers on instant messenger platforms, making it the biggest single perceived type of harm on that kind of platform among young users.

The move will also be disappointing for parents seeking a safe avenue for their children to message with friends and family.

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