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I run a couple of websites making the schematics for these amps easily accessible.

) If your amp's serial number falls into the last 3 batches then your best hope of dating it is if you've still got the original speaker.One run of Princeton Reverb II serial numbers seems to stretch from 1984 to 1986 with just a few from 1987, yes 1987, when some 220V models were still being shipped to Sweden and the UK.So if you'd like a bit more detail on an amp in that category please get me the speaker date codes, not just the serial number. Upon arriving at Fullerton, any one of these chassis might be built as a Champ II or a Bassman 20, in a process which appears semi-random when tracked only by serial number.Advertisers and politicians make decisions based on smaller percentages!I'm guessing amp-owners like to know when their amp was made, if it's old-ish.

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However the dates for these batches are certain to be later than the batch shown immediately above, or earlier than the batch shown below.