Mandating public

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Mandating public

As mayor, Toni will create the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (“OCJ”) modeled after a New York office by the same name, which has been successful in reducing crime, especially violent crime, to historic lows, while implementing reforms to decrease unnecessary incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Unlike New York and Los Angeles, Chicago currently only has two full-time personnel on the Mayor’s staff dedicated to the full scope of the city’s public safety concerns. The OCJ will oversee various taskforces comprised of city, state, and federal law enforcement, subject experts and community leaders focused on multi-dimensional solutions to critical public safety issues; including: gun violence, vehicular hijacking prevention, witness and victim services, domestic violence, juvenile justice, neighborhood stabilization/wellness, sanctuary, and returning residents.

Either way, materials used for that Holocaust education must be developed or approved by the Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

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The more individuals who have positive relationships with law enforcement the safer our neighborhoods will be.

That’s why as Cook County Board President, Toni worked with criminal justice stakeholders to reform the practice of keeping people behind bars waiting for trial for minor, non-violent offenses.The OCJ will also coordinate our battle against the flow of illegal firearms in Chicago.Every year the Chicago Police Department seizes thousands of illegal guns.Thirdly, Toni will ensure that Chicago Police Department strives to become the most effective police department in the country by improving training, supervision, promotion, collaboration and crime-solving capacity within the department and demanding real improvement in homicide clearance and overall crime reduction.All of these efforts must work in tandem with robust investment in our public schools, our neighborhoods, and our access to mental health services.

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