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Lower keys dating

- 1640 – A Dutch fleet commanded by Cornelius Jol (called by the Spanish “Peg Leg the Pirate”) suffered a hurricane off Havana while lying in wait for the yearly treasure fleet; 4 ships of his fleet were wrecked by the storm on the Cuban shore.

- 1692 – On October 24th a hurricane destroyed buildings in Havana and sank a St.

- 1844 – The October 5 storm, known as the “Cuban Hurricane”, moved up the Keys causing considerable damage.

Many of the structures built by the Navy on Indian Key and all wharves were reported as washed away.

- 1780 – A hurricane possibly affecting the Dry Tortugas wrecked a Spanish fleet between there and the western end of Cuba - 1785 – Heavy damage sustained at Havana in a hurricane; 4 vessels sank in the harbor.

- 1791 – On June 21st and 22nd a “horrible storm” occurred at Havana resulting in 3,000 people on the island killed principally by flood waters. approached some degree of habitation, hurricane reporting began to improve mainly because of more people, mail and newspapers.

Because divers kept checking the cannon locations the effort to find the hull with its motherlode spanned 14 years.

We know, and according to NOAA, most of her hurricane force winds were confined to her east, which were the Middle and Upper Keys.

Afterward, as historians, we both realized that we had just experienced the last hurricane at the Keys of the millennium 1,000-1999.

Augustine supply ship near Key Biscayne; those aboard were rescued by a ship from Havana.

- - 1730 – A hurricane struck Havana and Matanzas, Cuba destroying buildings.

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