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Just friends vs dating

Do you ask your friend to call you and let you know once they’ve reached home, or do either of you try to help the other person out of a sticky situation all the time?

Good friends help each other now and then or when asked, but friends who are more than friends try to be there for each other all the time, whether it’s buying new clothes, working on a pet project or picking a date.

If both of you meet up and spend a lot of time with each other, it’s obvious that both of you love spending time with each other and being with each other. Pet names are rather personal and very affectionate.

Friends don’t give each other pet names, friends who love each other do.

Dating: The first rule of dating is: You do not talk about dating (other people) (in graphic terms).

It’s exciting to talk about each other’s secrets and little dirty details that no one else knows about. Or did you find out that your friend was wearing black underwear during last night’s long phone conversation?

Hanging out: He comes over to your place, you watch a movie, everybody drinks tea, he goes home.

Dating: He comes over to your place, you watch a movie, everybody drinks tea, you have sex. Dating: Phones off the table, on silent, no alarms, no texting, no exceptions.

New dates and jealousy Is your friend very attractive? Then chances are, they’re going to be getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

And at times, your friend may be very excited to go out on a date with someone they’ve liked for a long time.

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[Read: Cute pet names and why we give them] Extremely loyal to each other Do you stand up for your friend no matter what?

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