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Repost By @ecrenaissance: "Wait, this ain’t y’all King anymore?

#Michael BJordan responds to the ladies of #Black Twitter for cancelling him because of his taste in “other” women. " A post shared by Gossip Starr (@gossipstarr) on Michael B. I like milk, I like chocolate milk, I like almond milk, strawberry milk, you know the cinnamon toast crunch milk? Jordan doesn’t really owe anyone explanation about his dating preferences.

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Jordan is fed up with claims that he doesn’t date Black women.

For many, the image of the Black man is associated with strength, virility and sexual stamina even to a point where it may be degrading.

However, Black women have repeatedly been sent the message that they need to change the traits that are inherent to their beauty to be accepted and desired. Jordan could tweet tomorrow that only Caucasians need apply for his affection, and honestly that would be OK, but I do feel it’s every man of color’s responsibility to recognize that for many Black women the battle to build self-esteem and love themselves is one that begins from birth.

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” asks my elderly Parisian gynecologist with a straight face and a heavy French accent.

I guess I will have to elaborate: “…No.” She sits back in her chair, folds her hands, and nods gravely.

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He went on to say that once again, he enjoys all flavors of milk, even if he’s ever only ever pictured drinking whole milk: “News flash… We looked at Kanye West the same way when he married Kim Kardashian and made the golden graham beauty that is Alexis Fields a mere memory.

It’s the same feeling that fleets across the pits of our stomachs when we witness Khloe Kardashian attempt to get wifed by starting line-up of whomever is currently hot in the NBA.

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“I’m so nervous even talking about this.”But talk about it he does.

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