Jlabel not updating cycle teenage dating violence

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Jlabel not updating

The humble label is probably one of the most used widgets in the UI designers toolkit so getting to know it inside and out is important.

A common task it is to update a label to display some new information depending on the state of the application.

i set the label to public and i tried to invoke set Text() on it from the other class, but it doesnt change it in the GUI.

One way to update the UI from another thread is to use a call to Later passing in a Runnable.

You need to separate your GUI initialisation code (creation of GUI components) from your game code (populating of values) so you can restart the existing Hangman3 game by selecting a new word and calling the game code again.

i've spent about an hour trying to get my label to update from another class.

Additionally the simple date format is inside the while loop and so created fresh each time, this is unnecessary since trivial to ensure it can only be accessed from one thread at a time. While the method shown above certainly works Java FX 2 provides a more developer friendly way of achieving the same result.

Rather than creating a Runnable you create a Task which comes complete with a couple of thread safe properties that can be used to update the UI with the minimum of fuss. As you can see this is similar to the first example just without the less than beautiful anonymous inner Runnable.

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