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“I wish you could see the photos we see – it’s hilarious and it’s sad and it’s self-sabotaging.”He recommends using a variety of photos, including at least one head shot and one that shows your entire body.

It’s important to be honest, and use recent photos.

” by heartily clapping the asker on the back, guffawing “DO I??!!!

” and then chortling my way out of the room Ring: "Ring does not use facial recognition technology." Also Ring: Has a Head of Face Recognition research, job listing citing experience in face recognition website for Ring Ukraine touting semi-automated crime prevention based on face recognition…

🖼️🎨 #OTD in 1860 renowned Russian artist Isaac #Levitan, master of "mood landscape", was born.

He was part of the Peredvizhniki movement, depicted the gentle beauty of the Russian countryside and nature PFk I Ff I noticed African Architecture isn’t really showcased compared to Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Indian.

You’ll be more interesting, and you’ll have something to talk about on a date.We asked him for his tips on how to improve your online dating profile.Have a friend look at your profile before posting If you’re hoping to date someone of the opposite sex, have one of their members vet your profile.So here is a thread of African Architectural styles.Starting with Nubian Ehg6u YCQ My new thing at work is responding to questions like “Do you have those Q4 projection reports?

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Experiences can show how affluent you are without bragging,” Langston said.