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Humorous multiple choice questions dating

First dates most times determine what direction a relationship would take. 21) What word starts with “f” and ends with “u-c-k”? 25) What was the strangest punishment your parents ever gave you? 40) If the world was going to end and you knew it, what 3 things would you do? 42) When have you been very proud of someone else/yourself? 68) Which is your favorite gender, male or female and why? And, as the guy, you need to be on top of your game; you need to do all you can to impress your dream girl. (The answer is firetruck – so maybe save this question until you know her better) 22) Would you ever consider putting your parents in an old age home? If you could be a guy for just one day, what would you do? Have you ever been caught naked by someone you didn’t want to? What is something funny I wouldn’t “know” about you after first meeting you? If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren’t people from Holland called Holes and from Finland Fines? Do You Tell Your Friends What We Are Doing Together? Why are “easy open” food packages never easy to open? People always say that the future is uncertain then why do we take insurance policies and go for career counselling? Do you think Nestle employees allowed to take coffee breaks? If you were a super villain, what scandalous crime would you commit? If your sex life could be described in eggs, what kind of eggs would it be? What is the funniest pickup line someone has tried to use on you? What’s the nicest thing a friend has said about you? When was the last time a book/TV series/song made you cry?

Do you like texting because talking on the phone requires you to think faster? They have the capacity to spark fantastic conversation with any woman and create room for hours of conversation. 5) What is the one thing I won’t get to know about you after this first meeting? (Don’t ask this question unless you have a better story on Tony the Tiger.) 7) Did Adam and Eve have navels? 13) What is the one thing you are most ashamed of doing to a friend? Feel free to use this article as a guide whilst on a date. 8) Do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup? Ladies love guys who are funny – imagine her laughing and blushing throughout the meeting, it will be a moment she would love to experience over and over again. 17) Do you think Lipton employees are allowed to take coffee breaks? If you don’t want to embarrass yourself on a first date, especially when its a date you’ve been looking forward to; these funny questions are your salvation! 4) Why are those “easy open” food packages never easy to open? 12) If you had to choose between me and your best friend, who would you choose?

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