How to turn a no into a yes dating online dating network love arabic

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How to turn a no into a yes dating

I asked my dad today if I could take a 5-day trip to a neighboring country (very safe) and he said "yes but only if you take your mom with you." I really don't want to travel with my mom.

And I traveled and lived before by myself, so I don't understand why.

So, I took a step back, and I realized that it was all about the conversation.

Initially, I was making it all about me, my business, my opportunity, and my journey.

And if they still said it wasn’t the right time, I would say, “That’s no problem.(I'm going to pay for the trip by myself, so he doesn't need to pay for anything).So do you have any tricks or tips on how to turn a no into a yes?Use this part of the conversation as an opportunity to find out more about the prospect’s pain points and how they are currently addressing the problem. A pause gives you the opportunity to consider how your company can fix the problem with a custom-tailored solution. Is the person you’re meeting with new on the job or have they weathered many storms?“Skip the small talk” seems to be the motto of most sales organizations; they want to get to the “buy” as quickly as possible, so they skip those important customer-building conversations. Now you have more opportunities to check in and commiserate when your team loses or celebrate a win. Through chit-chat, you now have a place to take them to lunch and talk more about the things you have in common. Again, by preparing well, you’re gaining more understanding of your prospective client. Make your potential client feel the same way by sending a thank you, no matter how well the visit went.

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Small talk is one of the best ways to get to know the person you are talking to and gives you nuggets of ideas on how your company can turn to gold for the customer. Before long you’re talking business in the natural course of conversation, not through forced, “sales-y” banter. While they may be in the same industry, their particular challenges are different. You want them around for a long time; you can’t build loyalty on the quicksand of “one-size-fits-all.” Knowing more about your prospective customer will set you and your company apart from the “other guys,” and make sure you’re remembered, long after your conversation has ended. They took the time to meet with you and listen to what you had to say; it’s only polite to thank them. With the thank you note, it’s important to recap your conversation with a proposal.

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