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How to run msn messenger without updating

Uninstalled and reinstalled old version but it would always try to force me to upgrade.

But of course you'll want to check out the client programs that work with those other services to make sure that they work and don't irritate you in the same way that Windows Live Messenger apparently does. Another alternative is Pidgin, an open source equivalent to Trillian.

Remember, "Windows Live Messenger" isn't a new program, it's just the latest version of MSN Messenger with a new name.

So my first recommendation is to simply upgrade and give Windows Live Messenger a chance. But what if you still don't like Windows Live Messenger?

I searched and found the solution involving build 820 and installed it, and yes: it now connects, but every time I start the program, appears a warning "Windows is repairing msn messenger" before lauinching the program itself. I use Trillian and since I switched from Hotmail/MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger a while back, Messenger shows as being logged off. I have never used Trillian on the PC I am typing this message on.

I did the upgrade, which I didn't want to but anyways, now I can't see any of my contact pictures when I view my contacts list. On the old version I could see everybody's pic when viewing my contact list. Leo, I not only upgraded the messenger but mail also. When I click on the icon, I am brought to the Windows Live login page, where my login name is set but I am asked for my password. Chose "Run this program in compatibility mode for" Windows 2000.

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An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. in 2003 as a place for answers to common computer and technical questions. Interesting thing happened with Live Messenger yesterday. My partner left the computer for a minute and next thing I know someone/something got into my chat window and sent all kinds of links that had the same term in it! Donna The other day I discovered that I had been forced to "upgrade" to the new version of Hotmail. :( As I described somewhere on there's still a way to stick to MSN Messenger although it's a bit of a "back to the future" solution.