How to keep him dating and not have sex

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How to keep him dating and not have sex

Here’s the thing…I don’t know if you see this, but you’ve moved on to wanting “something serious” right after you and he had sex, thinking that sex of course means there SHOULD be a relationship and he should feel the same way about you. The decision to have sex with a woman often has NOTHING to do with whether a man has decided that he wants to “date” you more seriously.And sure, it would be nice if men were different and didn’t take sex so lightly.Although, it’s likely that YOU will feel more bonded to him after sleeping with him.

Here are a few of the mistakes women make that get them into tough situations like yours: If you’ve ever felt hurt because you became physical with a man and he ended up not having an interest in dating or starting a relationship, then odds are you can look back and see that one or more of the above scenarios was at play.

Just because a man has sex with a woman, it doesn’t mean that he’s spent even a second of his time deciding whether or not he wants to be with her or have a relationship in the future. a man’s not going to ever “see your worth” just because you’ve slept with him.

And more to the point, it is NOT the physical attraction a man feels for a woman, and getting close to her physically, that makes a man really “feel it” for you and want more.

It’s the way things are “wired.”So you want to know how to “re-wire” things? But have you taken the time to learn how the deeper, more “relationship-oriented” feelings and emotions are created inside him? They want to worship her, to please her, to ravish her, and to sweep her off her feet with their physical and emotional presence.

First of all, stop hoping that the fact that you’ve had sex will magically win him over into being an open and loving partner like you are. The feelings that make a man want to be with one woman in a committed relationship are different than what makes A WOMAN open to exploring a relationship. Not “man-boys” or “players,” who have a totally different agenda altogether. And for the woman to be utterly and completely taken with them and what they do. Instead, they want to FEEL their desire for a woman inside their whole body, emotionally driving them, and for it to be undeniable and unrelenting. So if you don’t allow a man to FEEL that desire, to feel like he can’t stop thinking about you and wanting you BEFORE you sleep with him, it won’t create a situation where he’s going to want anything more than a fleeting sexual experience. There are specific behaviors and attitudes that make a woman literally IRRESISTIBLE to a man, so that he will feel that strong desire to be with you before, during, and the all-important AFTER getting physically intimate with him.

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