How accurate are early ultrasounds in dating pregnancy amanda leatherman dating

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Animal and human studies have shown that increasing normal temperatures can cause birth defects and abnormal development in fetuses.

Yet human studies have not yet shown any direct links between pregnancy ultrasound and any adverse effects on babies.

In the 1950s, a Scottish surgeon discovered that body tissues gave off sound wave echo when ultrasound was applied.

It very quickly became a diagnostic tool used in pregnancy.

Ask to have the shortest scan possible, which will give you just the information you require.

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Early pregnancy ultrasounds are part and parcel of the pregnancy package, yet few women really question whether or not they are necessary.The upper intensity limits in the US are almost 8 times higher than the limits set in 1992.There is currently no evidence-based research that looks at how babies are affected by ultrasound at this much higher intensity limit. This is when the small pockets of gas found in mammal tissue begin to vibrate, and then collapse.Most women, on finding out they are pregnant, are automatically given a referral for an early or ‘dating’ ultrasound.They book in, have the ultrasound, and feel excited to see their newly-formed baby on the screen.

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So far, research has not determined whether there is any significance in cavitation effects on human fetal tissue.

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