Honduras dating service

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Honduras dating service

The mountain ranges are generally from west to east, but some valleys trend northward and southward, as around the 112,000-acre (45,000-hectare) Comayagua Valley of central Honduras.

Lake Yojoa, a large highland lake, 16 kilometers long, is remarkable for its beautiful mountain landscapes and world-class largemouth bass.

They include the Garífuna (Black Caribs), the English-speaking Bay Islanders, whose ancestors once occupied the Cayman Islands, and the black English Creoles, who have worked the coastal banana plantations.

In spite of serious deforestation from the mid-1960s Honduras remains a wooded land.

A second large zone in the east is known as La Mosquitia, which is a region of pine savannas, coastal lowlands, and shallow lagoons.

The slight population of less than 0.8 persons per square kilometer is primarily indigenous and they often are speakers of creole English.

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Honduras can be partitioned into three grand regions according to physical geography, population composition, and local attitude.

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