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One major character will die at the big celebration. A hit man was ordered to take out Carly and Sonny at the ball in front of the Metro Court.

But those two items are actually the least dramatic part of the Nurses Ball.“General Hospital” gossip indicates that Duke may go after Jordan and it’s not the hit man that will harm her, but Duke himself because he’s certain she’s a CI spying on the Corinthos family.Anna will be faced with a difficult choice and will kill Duke – either purposefully or because she’s trying to stand down another shooter. At the Nurses Ball this year, Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) will be honored.Ric’s dream of a Cinderella evening with his lady love Liz will come crashing down around his ears. There’s also a major character returning to heat up a love triangle.“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Vanessa Marcil aka Brenda Barrett is returning at long last to Port Charles just in time for the Nurses Ball.

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But it’s Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) that will lose his life in the Nurses Ball shoot-em-out.

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