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So when translating Koine Greek, we can’t escape the fact that the grammar is truly important to learn. With modern languages, we don’t by learning how to become a translator like we do with ancient languages like Koine.Imagine walking into your first French lesson and being handed a curriculum for advanced French translation on day one: That’s essentially what we do with NT Greek courses.Look here: Just looking at this first passage of John (a simple example to begin with), you see that I’ve begun to highlight (using LWT) what I call “chunks”.These are the kind of high-frequency patterns I’m focused on: But it goes much further than that.You certainly wouldn’t see this in any modern language course.As I’ve said before, in order to become a translator you need to first know a language. NT Greek classes today don’t teach the language as a once living, natural language – instead classes are more like where you learn the appropriate rules and then proceed to crack the text.You may think the sentences you’re speaking are original but in fact all you’re doing is borrowing from what you’ve already heard (or read). When you speak, you’re piecing together chunks of language that you’ve heard thousands of times throughout your life.Those chunks become so totally familiar to us that we speak them without even thinking about it. That’s also why it’s so easy for a native speaker to spot a non-native speaker (apart from accent).

I can already see those aspects of Koine Greek that are etched into my memory forever.

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We expect students to go from zero knowledge of a language to translating deep, abstract theological concepts in the New Testament within a few short months of study.

The more I think about it, the more I realize just how completely unrealistic this is.

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