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94 Strategies to Enhance Sustainable Urban Region Development . Liaodong Peninsula: Reviving Rust-belt Industries . The role of the informal sector should be appreciated and recognized in urban legislation and planning. Such legislation should consider the objective conditions and the reality that majority of the urban and rural population is poor.

All urban planning activities and their implementation should be brought under this act. Preference should be given to quality, rather than quantity, of personnel. Therefore, strengthening the capacity of municipal governments is necessary. 155 155 155 159 171 173 177 ADB_Prelims_vi 178 181 183 184 185 11/22/2006 PM vii Table of Contents 8. Luang Prabang Urban Improvements and Heritage Conservation .

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There should be a broad-based planning act for the country that municipalities and city corporations can follow as a planning guide.

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