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Unfortunately for Cher, their 1980 album was a dud, and the relationship didn’t fare much better. He continued to play for artists such as Stevie Nicks and the Steve Miller Band.(Photo: Getty Images)Ron Duguay People referred to the man, who’d spent time with Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Tiegs, and many others, as the Romeo of the Rink.“It’s really difficult to deal with fame and superficial people who think you’re beautiful, and girls who want to f*** you so that they can say, ‘I f***ed Ron Duguay,’ and somehow that makes them better or more legitimate, or it gives credence to their existence.” She added, “There is something beautiful inside him.” (Photo: Getty Images)" data-reactid="121"For a brief time in 1982 — reportedly as little as a month — Cher had the heart of New York Rangers playboy Ron Duguay.

“He was the coolest guy ever.” The two began singing together, and she moved in with him, although they kept their relationship professional for awhile.

But we were really crazy about each other.” They even talked about marrying, but Cher eventually called things off in favor of a new relationship.

Geffen was so upset by Cher’s decision to leave that he “could not get out of bed some days,” according to the book.

(Photo: Getty Images)Gene Simmons People published a story titled “Cher’s Life With Gene,” which detailed her “approaching domesticity” with the notorious ladies’ man.

He gushed about loving her kids, although he wasn’t a kids kinda guy, and she opened up about the freedom she gave him.

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