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I'm strongly opposed to queers using public property. If left unchecked, like cancer, it will destroy the body politic.

History is our witness." And, “license and social irresponsibility cause venereal disease, divorce, highway deaths, mental disorders, and the destruction of civilization and nations.” Based on a decision by the Chief Deputy DA of Washoe County that to deny the Gay Rodeo Association access to the fairgrounds would violate the group's rights of equal protection under the First Amendment, the Republican Washoe County Commissioner Belie Williams failed to have the rodeo’s contract for the Washoe County Fairgrounds canceled, and the event went on as planned.

The NGRA joined the IGRA and on June 18, 1994 sponsored a "mini-rodeo," the Gymkhana '94, at Horseman's Park behind Sam's Town Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

While this wasn't an IGRA-sanctioned event, it served to christen the NGRA and to prove that southern Nevada might be a more hospitable home for Nevada gay rodeos than Reno turned out to be.

gave away the rodeo association's reservation dates and planned no further business with them.

The Comstock Gay Rodeo Association left Nevada State Fair, Inc. Unable to reach Phil Ragsdale or any of the rodeo organizers, Nevada State Fair, Inc.

Driven out of northern Nevada by ignorance and bigotry the Reno Gay Rodeo died.

But in January 1992 a group of rodeo fans in Las Vegas established the Southern Nevada Gay Rodeo Association, which incorporated on June 19, 1992 as the Nevada Gay Rodeo Association [NGRA] and adopted the Backstreet Saloon--Charlie's, at the time of this writing--as its home bar.

When the SSGRA tried to rent a private arena in Fallon owned by David Lantry, the Churchill County Commission, in a meeting packed with hysterical locals--many of whom carried guns—denied Lantry’s request for a liquor license and Churchill County District Attorney Kevin Pasquale issued an injunction to stop the rodeo.

Litigation against the university and the Churchill County Commission was unsuccessful.

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