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"Members fill out a profile where they provide as much information about themselves as they are comfortable with.It's detailed application that matches women based on everything from sports to hobbies to movies, music, and books.Like re-entering the dating scene, trying to establish new friendships at this stage can be intimidating.Some have gone the Craigslist route, using the popular non-commercial community bulletin board as a way to find new friends.One of the largest social networking sites exclusively for females 18 and older, Girlfriend Social (GFS) enables users to seek out and connect with like-minded women in hundreds of cities and communities across the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Twenty-seven percent of young adults (18-24 years old) and 12% of adults aged 55–64 years old report that they have used online dating.

As Blaine notes, "Even if you take new classes, go for gym workouts, or start new hobbies, it’s still difficult to make that jump from acquaintance to friendship with the people you meet." Women who do not have a 'significant other' in their lives encounter additional friendship challenges.

Whether they are alone by choice, divorce, or death of a spouse, single women often find themselves out of sync with married friends who socialize as couples.

Nearly 60% of college students say they know someone who uses online dating, and 46 percent say they know someone who has entered into a long-time relationship.

That's the concept Canadian entrepreneur Amanda Blain banked on when she launched the website Girlfriend Social, a place where women of all ages and backgrounds can go to talk, share and find new female friends.

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Wouldn't it be nice if a website facilitated those meetings the same way dating sites do?

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