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The downside of the Leo rising is that it can give more bluster and ego than anything else.

However, the Leo rising person can exude a warm, protective energy, which Trump is able to project to his unquestioning followers…until he ruins it all by losing his temper.

Since Uranus rules “fringe” groups and radical gatherings, it’s no surprise he’s drawn a base of white nationalists and alt-right devotees.

To wit, Trump has been married three times, all to women who fit the glamorous, photogenic bill that a showy Mars in Leo loves.

Trump also has seductive, subterranean Pluto in Leo, which may explain his mysterious allure and “broad shouldered” leadership, as his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence often references reverentially.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, which may explain the outdated and sexist “bro humor” to which Trump is partial, and his gang of old-school male cronies that includes Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes and Chris Christie.

This is the chart of someone who wants to be in charge—unapologetically so.

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This confidence-boosting placement definitely fares well for someone on a mission to rule the free world.