Free k9 cams

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Free k9 cams

Our officer was on scene trying to find an individual who may be suffering from a medical emergency.

Clearly, this is not the outcome the officer wanted, nor is it the outcome that the department wanted."He said Brooks' family has been shown the body camera video, and that criminal and administrative investigations are underway.

Beaver, PA — Beaver County resident, James Cicco has recently filed a lawsuit against the Beaver Police Department claiming officers used excessive force.“This entire incident resulted over an aggressive police officer who was upset because on the way to non-emergency call Mr.Cicco didn’t get out of way fast enough,” Benyo said.It appears Cicco unbuckled his own seatbelt, at which time the officer then flung him to the ground.Instead of placing the man in handcuffs, he went back to his vehicle and released his attack dog, a German-Shepherd.

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The lawyer said his client’s fears of police brutality, “Turned out to be pretty accurate with having the fear.” According to WPXI, Cicco is asking for $375,000 plus attorney fees.