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Factor in the size of your room and consider purchasing desks that will fill the space in the most efficient way.The final useful thing to remember when planning your office layout, is that desks need not just be for people.

Some office furniture suppliers offer CAD as an additional service and it can provide a truly invaluable and extremely accurate representation of your office.In the first instance, you will need to work out how many you will need and exactly where they will go in the available space.If you are simply refurbishing your office or replacing old desks, then working out the number you require will not take much effort at all, although you will need to factor in the size of any new desks in order to ensure they will still fit in the allocated space.If you have a shared office printer, scanner or fax machine, then these are likely to need their own desk(s) or table(s), which need to be factored in to your floor plan.You may also want to purchase a few side desks for storage or ornamental reasons – particularly if you have a space to fill.

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If you are moving to new premises, then a floor plan could help you visualise the new layout.