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Qualitative (topological) treatments of geological time are ultimately connected to quantitative (metric) treatments.

Specifically, topological characteristics are often used for determining the relative age and order of discreet geological events, whereas metric characteristics are used to determine the specific ages and lengths of geological events.

Stratigraphic divisions are associated with certain development stages, and then they disappear as they are replaced by other divisions i.e., basically they represent time categories that form the geological history.

However, as with all searches for truth in science, facts should be supported by multiple lines of evidence.Such estimates can span from the modern era into the deep geological past and are presented in descending order (i.e., from the past to the present).The estimates are derived from isotope data, which are converted into radiological ages.Let us check: 6371 km/1.383 mm per year=4.6 billion years—this is the age of the Earth!Let us name the value of 1.3834475 mm per year as the evolutionary Earth growth constant; the following discussion does not take into account the effect of lunar tidal friction.

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Organic fossil remains contained in older geological layers provide important insight into the stratigraphic scale.