Fake profile married dating site

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Fake profile married dating site

We give a try to a married dating site called Gleeden. They are DISCREET & SAFE What was also disturbing is the lack of updates to the site? You think that they could put out the money for at least a few advances, but they didn’t.That just leaves you with a remedial looking site that does nothing to make you want to join, or to sign on.When you hop on the site you immediately find that there are some pretty women on there. We not only didn’t get any responses, we didn’t get anyone who was contacting us either.

Once you have a membership, it is quite easy to logon. We consider that to be very important when we are rating these sites.

We still don’t get why they named the site what they did, but it definitely didn’t help them at all marketing to the people that it should have.

Instead of getting on this site, save your money and try for something else.

That is the question we asked ourselves, well, that and what on earth does this name mean?

All of the other sites that we reviewed had a name that at the very least indicated what the site was all about. Well, we just don’t really understand what the name is. It is a site that is supposed to be specific to married people but we just didn’t get it.

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They have very limited options for you to pay which means that the only way you can is through a credit card.

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