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Whereas I’ve only been on the web courting scene for three months now, I’m already nearing the suspicion that unless you’ve gotten a sex first, maybe relationship later and/or a generic character, you are not going to get anyplace.

The truth is, I found that most of the ladies I used to be very drawn to felt one thing for me as effectively.

“Teachers” also includes graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows and associates only when they are serving as part-time acting instructors, teaching fellows or in similar institutional roles, with respect to the students they are currently teaching or supervising.

“Students” refers to those enrolled in any and all educational and training programs of the University.

Therefore, no teacher shall have a sexual or amorous relationship with any undergraduate student, regardless of whether the teacher currently exercises or expects to have any pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities over that student.

Research (Campbell & Campbell, 1997; Kuh & Hu, 1991) shows that student-faculty relationships are the most crucial connection within a collegiate community.

The unequal institutional power inherent in this relationship heightens the vulnerability of the student and the potential for coercion.

The pedagogical relationship between teacher and student must be protected from influences or activities that can interfere with learning and personal development.

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The integrity of the teacher-student relationship is the foundation of the University’s educational mission.