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The app is clearly trying to bank on the success of rivals like Tinder and Bumble – but with a twist.

Part of the problem with those apps is they generally rely on sheer luck, hoping that someone who suits you is nearby.

THE idea for my experiment came to me when a friend got exasperated that I’d been single for four years. Having previously written a sex column, completed a degree in costume interpretation at Wimbledon College of Art and with a background in performance, I thought I could combine all of these skills to good effect.

Would men really respond to being treated like pond scum by an adversarial amour?

Speaking to TNW, sexologist and app creator Andriy Yaroshenko said: "We use various safeguards to protect the personal information submitted to us.FIND a partner that shares the same saucy kinks as you with Fantasy, a dating app that matches prospective lovers based on their sexual fantasies.The pairs potential partners in a "sex positive" way, using detailed information about what turns you on in the bedroom.If you think you've found a faker, you can report them – and they'll be banned.Interestingly, The Next Web reports that 40% of people using the app are in a relationship.

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Once I had slipped into the outfits I became the stereotype I was portraying. Some women’s dating advice books have asserted that men “love bitches”.

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