Exteme dating

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Exteme dating

It was a solid enough match but lacked heat because they couldn't feed off the audience.

The intense rivalry between Drew Gulak and Tony Nese drove an early tussle between champion and challenger.

The Usos sought to dethrone The Revival early, keeping them off guard with their speed and agility, not to mention a double plancha.

The champions slowed things down, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson taking turns working over Jey Uso.

He started aggressively, taking the fight to The Artist from the opening bell.

He brutalized Nakamura at ringside, sending him into the guardrail multiple times in an ode to the beating he endured five days earlier.

Result Gulak defeated Nese Grade B Analysis This was interesting in that the champion essentially played tackling dummy for the majority of the match, selling Nese's offense and the idea that he may lose in his hometown.

The question now is which Superstar the 205 Live bosses pick to challenge Gulak next. The No Holds Barred match marking the return of Undertaker to pay-per-view kicked off Extreme Rules as Shane Mc Mahon and Drew Mc Intyre looked to put away The Dead Man and Roman Reigns at the top of the broadcast. Elias appeared midway through the match, blasting Undertaker with a guitar and preventing a powerbomb to Mc Mahon through the announce table.

The crowd erupted into a "ref, you suck" chant after a missed tag, but the official would not miss another as Jimmy exploded into the match.

The action broke down, all four men coming and going from the squared circle.

Instead, the heels ganged up on The Deadman, and Mc Mahon drove him through the same table with an elbow drop from the top rope.

Coast-to-Coast followed, but The Deadman sat up before a pinfall could be rendered and obliterated Shane-O-Mac with a chokeslam. Just as it appeared as though Mc Intyre was set up to deliver a Claymore kick to the legendary Superstar, Reigns exploded from out of nowhere with a spear.

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At one point, Dawson and Wilder delivered a brilliant superplex/splash combo, but the pin was broken up by Jimmy, who soared in with a splash of his own.

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