Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working Sex chatrooms with a guy

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Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working

I set it to False every time I use "select" or "activate", but it still not working, please help!! Status Bar = "Please be patient..." Dim Rating As Variant, sht As Worksheet, Last Record Row As Long, i As Integer, Last Row As Long Rating = Input Box("Please Provide Weather Rating (Any Number Between 1 and 4)", "Input Needed") If Rating 4 Then Msg Box "Invalid Value, Please Enter A Valid Number! In that code if we select the targeted cell then it will call some macro in it.

I know there are lots of threads relating to this topic, like don't use "Select" or "Activate" or set it to false if you need to use it.

I want to be able to do the whole process without that "flickering".

Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Dim s Conn Params, s SQL As String Dim db File, db Path, db Name As String This Workbook. Select db File = "Counsellor Data.mdb" db Name = "Counsellor Data" db Path = Sheet3.

So I just stopped using screenupdating = false with worksheet events.

Like you me too don't know the solution for this Please post a sample workbook with all the code; no pictures please.

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I would appreciate if someone could give me guidance on how to circumvent the use of Select in this code It is so much easier if you attach an example workbook containing the code.

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