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“There wasn’t much about the team that Bernard thought and it was mostly about Bernard’s welfare so… It would be difficult to survive somebody’s attitude like that.”While she may be a former politician, Tasmania’s Jacqui Lambie hopes to change that after she gets out of the jungle.The army veteran isn’t worried about camp life at all, and barely batted an eyelid at the idea of having to surrender her phone and other devices.“I didn’t even bring my phone over [to South Africa], I’ve just got a little spare one so I can connect with home,” she said.In a joint statement released on Twitter in early August, Ant revealed that he will "continue to take a break from all television presenting roles until 2019".Dec added: "Whilst I am obviously sad at the thought of being without my best friend in Australia this year, I am proud of the work Ant has been doing privately and I am fully supportive of his decision.Still, a big fan of camping and being outdoors, Jacobz was totally ready to face every challenge -- even if that means losing his lunch.“I have no fear of throwing up,” Jacobz said, “so if I have to eat something… And it’s going to taste awful, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life, I’ll probably be emotionally scarred, but if it means we all win some fries or a piece of pizza then I’ll take one for the team.”Even if you don’t know her by name, you’ve almost certainly seen Natasha Exelby’s viral news blooper, which led to reports she was sacked by the ABC, though they later denied it.Luckily there’ll be no live-cross blunders while she’s facing the trials Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris have planned, luckily she’ll have a team to back her up.“It’s in everybody’s interest for everybody to do well.Holly said: "I couldn't be more excited to have been asked to stand alongside Dec for the next jungle adventure.

A month later, he was fined £86,000 and banned from driving for 20 months after pleading guilty to being twice the legal drink drive limit.Lacko told us that he isn’t too worried about the sleeping arrangements or the creepy crawlies he might face, but his biggest fear of heights."I want to conquer it,” he said, before conceding that he's “trying not to think about it too much"."If it’s bungee jumping -- which I really hope it’s not -- I don’t know how I’m going to cope with it,” he confessed.Still, the really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking model is looking at the silver lining of it all.“I definitely wouldn’t go buy a ticket to go skydiving or bungee jumping but…uber-fan, Ajay told 10 daily she has no problem living in the outdoors.“I’m a country girl," she explained."We literally spent most of my life with my dad doing up our house, so there were various walls missing and so I feel like that just… ”She continued:“You grow up in the country with snakes and spiders in your house…

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