Domino updating search site database

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Domino updating search site database

Archiving requires a container to store the items, so an archiving database is used.Naturally, the first step in the archiving process is establishing the archive database.This is especially true for the mail databases, Notes automatically saves a copy of it in the Sent view when a message is sent. Archiving frees up space and improves the performance of the database by storing documents in an archive database when they are old or not in use anymore.Teach your users how to take advantage of archiving to fully utilize Lotus Notes and save administrative headaches.Many users are packrats so they keep everything, and others would just rather be safe than sorry and save a message.Archiving allows vital information to be retained without hampering mail database performance.Domino administrators have numerous options for controlling mail database size, so a user is often restricted by the disk space consumed by their mail.

The Setting tab, shown in Figure C, allows archiving to be turned on or off and archive criteria to be defined.

i have a problem with the updating view process(that i can see in the notes log.nsf) because lotus notes server start to updating all view of all database during staff working time and i want that it start for example at pm of every day when all user are not working with notes, because Updating view 'aaa' process reduce a lot server performance and database works slowly).

I cannot find the correct configuration tab in the domino administrator where set the starting time of this process.

The Lotus Notes Inbox Tools menu provides access to archive settings.

This allows the user to establish archive settings.

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