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Click a link below for steps on how to enable or disable Auto Text, add custom Auto Text, and remove an Auto Text entry.The steps above only allow you to enter a simple single word or a phrase with a few words.) or you might just want a break from dating sites.We understand which is why we make it easy to suspend your account.By pressing the Tab key, users can have Word automatically complete the text they were typing with the suggested word or phrase.If you prefer to turn off the Auto Text feature, it can be disabled.Following the steps above only allows you to enter a simple single word or a phrase with a few words.

Microsoft Word also allows you to create custom Auto Text entries for words and phrases you commonly type.Here’s our step by step guide to delete your account: Remember, once you decide to delete your account, it will be deleted permanently and you will be unable to reinstate it.So that the time you spent crafting your profile and the connections you made aren’t lost forever, we recommend suspending your account instead.You can access the suspension tool by logging on to your profile and going to the “My account settings” page.Here’s our step by step guide to suspend your profile: Please note that when you suspend your account, automatic renewal will not be cancelled as this must be done separately.

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