Did matthew lewis dating evanna lynch

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Did matthew lewis dating evanna lynch

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Despite her heartbreaking loss on the show, though, the messages of support from Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, Katie Leung, James Phelps, and J. Rowling herself were heartwarming."Evanna, you are in the final.

Bring it home."And just to really seal the deal on my tears, J. Freaking Rowling appeared at the end of the video to say, "Best of luck, Evanna!

Despite the fact that JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe is first and foremost designed for kids, there were plenty of relationships going on in the magical world.

Harry and Cho Chang’s short-lived romance experienced three books’ worth of build-up whilst Ron finally acted on his feelings for Hermione after years of resentment towards her ex-boyfriends (particularly Viktor Krum).

But what about the actors who portrayed Harry and co in the film series?

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